Media Kit

Mental Health Talk

Sauga Radio 960

Sauga Radio 960 am,  January 25, 2020

A Candid Conversation on Mental Health with Tania Kolar

I share my journey and experience with mental illness. Both Tania and I offer tips on building resiliency.


Force of Consciousness

A documentary by film maker and producer Lana Marconi. 

Watch Stephanie as she discusses the benefits of taking a holistic approach to well-being.


Host for FiveD.TV

Stephanie offers a selection of meditation segments to learn stress management techniques.

FiveD.TV is a worldwide subscription video on demand streaming service that provides curated conscious media in three primary channels.

Mental Health Talk

With Mindset Coach Tania Kolar

Stephanie dives into a topic that affects millions of people’s health and that is stress.  Hosted by Tania Kolar, Author and Life Coach.  Introduction by Lana Marconi, FiveD.TV producer.

Enlighten Conversations

With Michelle

Enlightened Conversations, an Australian Radio Show created by Michelle Lightworker. A candid conversation on trauma and mental health.


Resilient Minds on the Front Lines

Master Resilience Trainer, Stephanie Nassis talks about the importance of nutrition for our overall well-being and provides the building blocks for overall health

Well-being & Resiliency

At Home with Jen

Jennifer Ettinger is Canada’s first Social Media Correspondent and a globally-connected powerhouse.

Circles for Reconciliation

Advisory Member

The aim of Circles For Reconciliation is to establish trusting, meaningful relationships between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous peoples as part of the 94 Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Kindful Canada

Kindfulness Sumposium

It’s time to raise mental health awareness and reduce its stigma. 

Interview with Buddhist Monk Rev. Bhante Saranapala


The Kevin Moore Show

Using Intuition with Kevin Moore


The Metaphysical Mentor Show

Meditation and Mental Health

The Wellness Summit

Free Online Event

Mental Health