Gain power over past traumas so you can enjoy the present

“I have been a first responder for 20 years.     I have seen things – traumatic things – the average person will never see.   The stresses of my job, as much as I love it, can take their toll.  

A colleague and friend’s death to suicide was a wake up call for me.   I vowed to help others by stepping out of the shadows and sharing my story.”

Police Officer and Mental Health Advocate, Stephanie Nassis dives into a topic that affects millions of people’s health and that is stress. Stress is something she has experienced in great depth being a First Responder. She also offers coping methods to help you navigate your way through stress and even trauma. Plus, she elaborates on the importance of mindfulness and meditation to create new realities. Hosted by Tania Kolar, Author and Life Coach. Introduction by Lana Marconi, FiveD.TV Creator. You can also watch Stephanie’s Meditation series on FiveD.TV when you subscribe: