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Nutritional Consultation

Though there is most certainly a psychological component to nutrition, it does begin with what we physically put into our bodies. In essence, we are what we eat.  Proper nutrition must consider the needs of each individual, as only a program designed specifically for each of us will truly promote health and wellness. A comprehensive individualized nutrition assessment will determine which approach offers the greatest opportunity for you to meet your specific health goals, both short-term and in the future. Whether you want to lose weight, improve sleep, manage and reduce stress, detoxify, relieve and eliminate skin issues, improve digestion or restore hormonal balance for increased fertility, it starts with healthy eating habits and exercise designed to meet your specific needs and abilities. Using detailed personal and family health history information, eating and sleeping habits, medications/supplements being taken, and current drinking and smoking habits, a tailor-made nutrition program can help not only help you improve your general state of well-being but also help you achieve the results you want. A nutritionist provides both a personalized diet plan as well as guidance intended to let you make informed choices about food and dietary supplements. There is a lot of confusing and contradictory information out there. Let a certified nutritionist help you sort out fact from fiction so you can decide what’s best for you.

90 minute initial consultation – $90.00

Follow up appointments (30 minutes) – $50.00

1 week meal plan – $25.00

1 week meal analysis – $25.00

Phone and online nutritional consultation also available.

*Nutritional consulting may be covered under some extended medical benefits plans. Insurance

companies currently covering nutritional consulting include Green Shield and Manulife.



Live Cell Analysis

A drop of blood can reveal a great deal about our health. A qualified nutritional consultant can identify deficiencies you might have in terms of vitamins and minerals as well as alert you to toxic levels of other components in your blood. Live blood cell analysis uses high resolution dark-field microscopy to analyze your blood and provide individualized data required to determine what type of diet your body requires and which dietary supplements may be most beneficial for you.


Initial consultation (approximately 1.5 – 2 hours) – $120.00

Subsequent visits – $80.00


Corporate Wellness Speaking

Professional workshops and seminars covering a wide range of health topics including body-mind-spirit nutrition, vibrational foods, stress reduction, detoxification, weight loss and green living, all designed to educate and inspire employee and employer alike to take control of their health and live a more fulfilling lifestyle.


Meditation Facilitation

On-site meditation classes and sessions designed to reduce stress, improve mental clarity and increase productivity in the workplace.