Minty Green Body Lotion

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Learn how to make homemade Mint Body Lotion using fresh mint leaves from your garden.

Minty Body Lotion Ingredients:

Part 1 – Oil Base (Steeping Mint Leaves in Oil)

1.5 cups jojoba oil (or 3/4 cup jojoba oil & 3/4 cup almond oil)
2 cups fresh mint leaves
mortar & pestle
crock pot

Part 2 – Mint Water (Steeping Mint Leaves in Water)

2 cups filtered water
2 cups fresh mint
mortar & pestle
sauce pan

Part 3 – Combining Oil Base & Mint Water

Steeped mint oil
1-2 tbsp beeswax (1 tbsp for lotion, 2 tbsp for thicker cream)
glass measuring cup, 1 litre (oven/stove safe)
double broiler

Steeped mint water
small sauce pan

Part 4 – Adding Fragrance & Colour, Emulsification

2 ml peppermint essential oil
1 ml sweet orange oil
1/4 tsp chlorophyll

extra glass measuring cup, 1 litre
high speed blender
2 mason jars (500 ml each or 1 litre jar)




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