Stephanie Nassis


Owing to her passion for new age thought, Stephanie has become an intuitive consultant and speaker. She is an emerging leader in well-being and spiritual awakening; having been featured in a number of international documentaries on the subject.

Stephanie is committed to driving humanity forward through increasing consciousness and awareness.  People will always take actions based upon how they feel and the particular emotion they may be experiencing in any moment.  She teaches people to thrive instead of stalling in purely survival instinct mode; helping them to discover their true potential, tapping into their own greater consciousness, releasing blockages and moving forward.

She has a unique ability to uncover outdated personal belief systems, enlightening people as to the magnitude of power that personal beliefs wield.  She is passionate about empowering people to live happier and healthier lives, discovering their true potential. Her method is to rely upon transformative spiritual techniques to empower personal transformation from within.

In our ever more complex world, some beliefs systems may no longer serve us.  We need to question the rationale behind the actions we take on a day to day basis. Why do we participate in illogical social behavior?  Why do we feel that we have to adapt and conform to what everyone else is doing?  Who created these expectations and obligations?

We must sort through the rules we implement in our lives in order to answer whether or not we are conforming to what we believe is the right thing to do.  Or are we following someone else’s expectations that originated centuries ago? Which of these expectations and obligations hold us back from our true potential to be exceptional?

Nearly 20 years as a first responder, Stephanie has come to intimately understand the body, mind, spirit connection,  going on to  develop her own spiritual survival technique.

Healthy living involves nourishing the body, mind and spirit. It is imperative to love your life, to treat your body right and to eat healthy foods.

She is a Holistic Practitioner, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Mental Health Educator, Meditation Facilitator and Trauma Sensitive/PTSD Yoga Instructor.



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