At the heart of Spiritual Nutrition is the understanding that there exists within each of us a symbiotic relationship between body, mind and spirit that, since the beginning of time, has forged our true identity. Throughout history, the wisest among us knew that true enlightenment was attainable when there exists a balance between the physical and the spiritual. When we nourish the body and the mind through proper nutrition and spiritual practice such as meditation, we feed our very essence and embrace our true potential. There is nothing we cannot accomplish.
Stephanie Nassis, RHN, Meditation Facilitator, Trauma Sensitive Yoga Instructor

Stephanie Nassis, RHN, Meditation Facilitator, Trauma Sensitive Yoga Instructor

My goal is to teach you how to figure out the proper nutrition plan for you. When you read a nutrition guide or diet book you usually are reading what works for the author and perhaps a handful of others for whom that particular diet has shown some progress. Everyone’s needs are different, and each of us must consider a variety of different factors – age, sex, race, ancestry, spirituality, body shape, metabolism, current health condition, fitness level, etc. – that determines what is the best nutritional approach for who we are. Spiritual nutrition bridges Eastern philosophies and Western science to achieve optimum health with the goal of connecting the body, mind and spirit through proper diet, exercise and meditation. It’s about learning what we are putting in our bodies and what our environment does to us without us even knowing. It’s about truly getting to know who we really are.


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"Enlightenment begins with nourishing your body on a cellular level"

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